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Random digis
While I work on a proper new piece, have a bunch of small digimon pictures I did in my spare time.

Starting from the left, going clockwise: pumpkinmon, terriermon, platinumsukamon, plesiomon.

Digimon (c) Bandai
A digimon I designed a while ago for a possible Digimon fanfic. She's part of a trio who are all based on common fantasy classes in games: one a figher, one a mage, and one a rogue. She's obviously the rogue.

And yes, the claws on her weird hoodie-scarf thing can move on their own, and as they have a longer reach, she tends to use them for attacking more than her own claws.

I haven't finished designing the other two in this trio, but I have ideas of what they will look like.

Sneakmon (c) Me
Digimon (c) Bandai
Spring Fever ref
Remember this chick?:…

It's amazing what a difference a less than a year can make. Her design is mostly unchanged, with the only real differences being her hooves, her scarf and her tail. Mostly, it's how I draw her that's different, in that I now feel she looks a lot more like she would fit in with the show.

Personality and backstory-wise, however, she's quite different. Here's a basic outline of what she's like:
- she works as a florist, and her cutie mark represents her knowledge and affinity with plants and flowers. She has a talent for arranging flowers, and will often suggest to her customers what bouquets would be most suitable for the pony they are buying for.

- she's the child of a mix-species coupling. Her father is an Earth Pony like herself, and her mother a Unicorn. She has also had two siblings, and older sister and a younger brother, both whom are unicorns. As a result of heritage, she's actually skinnier and physically weaker than the average Earth Pony.

- she's not very sociable, preferring the company of plants to other ponies. Her house is pretty much overrun with plants, and she can be found talking to them while she tending to them.

- she has heightened senses, particularly in the department of smells, and often suffers from an information overload when in public, which is why she doesn't go out often. This also interferes with her sleep, hence the bags under her eyes.

- is brutally honest, and believes lying to be the worst thing somepony can do. She can't even sugarcoat things for other ponies, as she feels that is much kinder to be upfront with those you love.

- doesn't emote much outwardly, often seeming bored or sleepy, but inwardly she's a wreck of thought and feelings.

- has severe anxiety, and tends to imagine the worst outcomes of any situation.

- highly irritable, especially when she's been in company for too long.

- doesn't look after her appearance that much, which is her mane and tail ae so messy.

Character (c) me
MLP (c) Hasbro
Precursor Of The Code - Dustcloud App
You may have expected my third character for :iconprecursorofthecode: would be a tiger, but while I do plan to eventually make a TigerClan warrior, I wanted to establish this guy first.

This is Dustcloud (or as I like to called him, Ol' Man McEyebrows), a senior warrior who is not far from retiring to the elder's den. If his name sounds familiar, it's because he was mentioned in Gorsepaw's backstory as his mentor before he decided to train as a medicine cat. As you can imagine, Dustcloud is getting on and expected Gorsepaw would be his final apprentice, a last chance to pass on his skills before he becomes an elder. However, now that Gorsepaw is training in medicine, Dustcloud is kind of depressed. I thought the story of an aging warrior is one we don't usually hear, so I felt he would make an interesting character, especially since most people in this RP have erred on the younger side when making their characters.

He'll eventually retire to the elders' den (unless he dies in RP, of course), but for now, I'm looking forward to playing as him.

Name: Dustcloud
Nickname: Dusty, Eyebrows
Gender: Male
Age: Aged Adult
Species: Lion
Height: ???
Weight: ???
Short Description: While Dustcloud is actually quite large and muscular, and has put on a bit of weight in his old again, his posture manages to make him look a lot smaller than he actually is. His pelt is brown, with darker brown patch extending from the top of his muzzle, down his back to his tail. His mane is long, unruly, and while once a more saturated shade of brown has now paled and greyed as he has aged. His eyes are alost alwats hidden beneath a pair of bushy eyebrows, and he has a scraggly beard on his chin.

Rank: Senior Warrior
Clan: LionClan
Mentor: n/a
Apprentice[s]: n/a

: Dustcloud is your typical proud old man. In his younger days, he was a very level-headed warrior who remained calm even in the most dire of situations, had incredible patience and rarely lost his cool with his clanmates, and exuded an aura of quiet confidence in himself and his abilities. However, good things don't last forever, and as time went on, Dustcloud's mental abilities began to degrade. While he was never the most sociable of warriors, he now deliberately avoids any interaction with clanmates outside of clan meetings or organising patrols, and makes a point of only speaking to others if he has to. He's prone to forgetting things, from the names of his younger clanmates, to certain battle moves, to the layout of his clan's territory, and whenever someone calls him out on this, he'll snap at them, telling them that he's their senior and they should know better than to question him. He's even become somewhat paranoid, thinking his clanmates are often talking about him behind his back, how they think he's lost his mind and should just retire to the elder's den already. As you can imagine, this is all very frustrating for him, yet he refuses to discuss it with others and does his best to keep a tight grip on his emotions. He knows he's not the warrior he used to be, but he's far too proud to ever admit it. After all, if he's no use to his clan, what good is he?
Voice Reference: [Optional!]

Most of Dustcloud's kit and apprentice days are lost to him. He remembers he had loving parents, and that he was one of a litter of four, but everything else is pretty much a blur to him. He struggles to remember their faces most days, or even how they passed away. However, he does distinctly remember his warrior days, how he quickly gained respect from his clanmates, the name of every apprentice he ever taught, and describe in detail most of his battles. It became quickly clear that he would have made good deputy material, but for some reason or another, whenever the opportunity came to apoint a new deputy, he was always passed over. At first, this didn't really bother him, but as he was passed over more and more, he quickly became aware of how old he was getting, and became more desperate to prove himself.

Then, one day, during a fight with TigerClan, he ended up rushing into battle and sustained a pretty nasty injury on one of his hind legs. For a while, he was confined to the medicine den, and there were rumors that he may end up having to retire. It was then Dustcloud started to realise something: had really done anything that great in his life? Despite all he had done for his clan, he'd never made any remarkable accomplishments. He wasn't deputy and it was unlikely he'd ever be made one now, he had never shown interest in finding a mate and having kits... at one point, after he was finally allowed to have a walk outside the medicine den and test his leg, he found himself lurking around the Elder's den, watching them telling stories to kits about their glory days, how apprentices always complained about having to look after them. Then, while he was watching, he witnessed one of the elders attempting to wake one of their denmates, who had seemingly been sleeping in the corner for a while. However, despite their best attempts, the other elder would not wake. There was a big fuss as they suddenly realised that elder wasn't breathing, and they had to call the medicine lion to have a look. As several cats gathered around their still clanmate, Dustcloud had a vision: he wasn't sure if it was from StarClan or if it was simply his mind playing tricks on him, but instead of seeing the elder there, he saw himself, lying still as the medicine cat tried to awaken him.

That night, a vigil was held for that elder. Dustcloud watched from the medicine den as some of the older members of the clan sat vigiil for them. That elder had been old, very old, and only a few warriors had decided to join in. Dustcloud realised he didn't even know the elder's name, and he felt himself on the verge of crying. Was this his future? Would one day he fall asleep and not wake up, and none of his clanmates would ever notice until it was too late? Would his name too be unknown to the younger warriors? That thought terrified him.

Over the next few days, his injury slowly healed, but he was left with a limp. The leader at the time, Dovestar, agreed to keep him on a warrior. However, Dustcloud found himself being asked on less and less patrols, and started to believe his clan was losing faith in him. Desperate to leave one final mark on his clan, he asked Dovestar for an appentice. Just one last apprentice who he could pass on his knowledge to. Dovestar agreed, and Dustcloud was given Gorsepaw as an apprentice. Now having something to focus on, Dustcloud's mood started to improve. He became very fond of Gorsepaw, and even though the cub wasn't the most promising apprentice he had trained, he was always encouraging him and felt he would one day become a good warrior.

Then, Gorsepaw's sister, Lightningpaw, became injured, and Gorsepaw started spending less time training and more time in the medicine den. Dustcloud tried his best to be supportive of the cub, saying he would give him as much time as he needed, and soon, Lightningpaw became better. However, Gorsepaw wasn't quite the same. During his training, it was became evident that he was distracted, and Dustcloud started to lose patience with him, constantly scolding him for his mistakes and telling him he would never be a good warrior if he kept this up. Eventually, Gorsepaw told him that he wanted to become a medicine lion. Dustcloud was shocked. He begged Gorsepaw to reconsider, telling him he would be nicer and didn't mean all of those horrible things he had said. Gorsepaw made it clear that he wasn't making this decision because of Dustcloud, simply that he felt that being a medicine lion was a better calling for him. Despite Dustcloud's protests, Gorsepaw was made a medicine lion apprentice.

It's been a few moons since then, and Dustcloud's mood has severely declined. He's barely speaking to anyone now, and spends most of his time lurking around the medicine den, often pretending to be injured just so he can spend time with Gorsepaw. Gorsepaw is always nice to him, but continuously tells him that he has no interest in returning to his warrior training. Recently, Dustcloud has been begging Dovestar to let him have one last apprentice. Dovestar has yet to give him an answer.

And all throughout, Dustcloud is aware that it won't be long before he'll be forced to retire to the elder's den.

In-Game History: [All in chronological order!]
Precursor Of The Code - Bramblingfoot App
New character for :iconprecursorofthecode:, this time its a LeopardClan warrior.

I'm really proud of how her markings turned out. I really like tortoiseshell cats, and when I was looking up black panthers for design ideas, I found out there are panthers who aren't completely black but instead are patched with brown, similiar to a tortie. So I ran with it, and that's where Bramblingfoot came from. I'll admit, coming up with the exact colour scheme was a pain, but it was totally worth it.

Name: Bramblingfoot
Nickname: Brambling, Brambles, Runt
Gender: Female
Age: Young Adult
Species: Leopard
Height: ???
Weight: ???
Short Description: Bramblingfoot is a slender leopard with slightly below-average size, weight and muscular build for her age. Her pelt is smooth, chestnut brown in colour with a lighter brown underbelly and paws. She's patched with darker nearly-black brown on her face, back and left rear foot. The only spots of light on her coat are a white spot behind her right ear and the white tip on her tail. Her eyes are a bright green.

Rank: Warrior
Clan: LeopardClan
Mentor: none (formerly Arcticpelt/Arcticstar)
Apprentice[s]: n/a

: Bramblingfoot is a loyal and dedicated warrior who loves her clanmates... but that doesn't mean she likes spending time with them. In truth, Bramblingfoot is a solitary creature who enjoys her own space and company, and often feels stifled by clan life, like she doesn't truly belong. She often finds social interactions with large groups quite draining, and while she will always try to be polite, she will start to show an irritable edge if she begins to tire of their company. Because of this, she prefers to spend most of her time outside of camp, hunting for her clan or just enjoying the wind on her face as she runs.

She's at her most relaxed when she's either by herself, or had one or two friends with her who she's especially close with. Here, her true personality shines through, and shows that despite her distant persona, she's actually very energetic, with a kit-like love for adventure and mischief that she clearly never grew out of. She loves exploring the land, even sometimes daring to stray outside LeopardClan's territory in search of new sights, and often dreams of one day leaving her clan and seeing what the rest of the world is like beyond the forest. However, despite what she might say to contrary, she's actually scared to leave her clan's protection entirely, and finds it comforting to know that no matter how far she might stray, they'll always be waiting for her when she gets back.
Sedgeflower (mother)
Unnamed Rogue (father)
Sparrowtail (sister)
Newtfang (brother)
Mate[s]: n/a
Voice Reference: (Haven't decided yet...)

Bramblingfoot is the youngest of a litter of three, and when she was born, she was so small and underweight that most of the Clan didn't think she was going to make it. Miraculously, little Bramblingkit pulled through, and after a moon or so, was proving to be just as healthy and energetic as her two siblings. However, her mother, Sedgeflower, remained very concerned for her youngest kit's health and was constantly fussing over her, asking if she was okay if she so much as sneezed, holding her back from playing with other kits, and even held her back from becoming an apprentice at the same time as her littermates, for fear that she was "too fragile".

Needless to say, Bramblingkit found this very frustrating, and was constantly sneaking out of the nursery to get away from her mother's overprotectiveness. Eventually, thanks to LeopardClan's leader's insistance, Sedgeflower eventually had no choice but to give in, and Bramblingpaw was made an apprentice abut one moon after her two siblings. Her apprenticeship was fairly uneventful, though she was able to prove she was just as capable as any other apprentice. In fact, as she grew, she physically toughened up considerably, to the point that she was only slightly smaller and skinnier than the average apprentice, and more than made up for this with her speed.

Of course, Bramblingpaw's adventurous nature came to notice pretty quickly for the rest of the clan as she was constantly wandering off out of camp, and was sometimes found staring over the territory borders, as if wondering what could possibly be beyond them. One day, she even dared to cross them. She didn't go dare go into another clan's territory, but she did end up stumbling upon a nest of rogues, all who claimed she was tresspassing and attacked her. Luckily, her mentor and some other members of her clan tracked her down, fought off the rogues and brought her back home unscathed. She got into a lot of trouble, of course, and became the subject of whispers and rumors among her clan for the next few days. One of these rumors was that she may have inherited her 'rebellious spirit' from her father.

... her father?

Bramblingpaw had never met her father, and Sedgeflower had never mentioned him. Bramblingpaw had never really thought about it before, but now she was curious. Telling her siblings about what she had heard, they confronted Sedgeflower. She was evasive at first, but after much pressuring from them, she eventually told them that their father was actually rogue. Apparently, a group of rogue leopards had one day stumbled into LeopardClan's territory. A few of them were injured, so the clan let them stay until they were healed. It was during this time Sedgeflower fell in love with one of them (whom she never gave the name of), and ended up being pregnant with his kits. She'd begged him to stay, but he claimed that he just wasn't the type to settle down, and left with the rest of his group when it was time to go.

While her siblings were fairly satisfied with this explaination, Bramblingpaw couldn't get it out of her mind that somewhere out there, she had a father whom she had never met, and realised that it was because of her rogue blood she desired to see beyond the territory. Eventually, she became a warrior, and was named Bramblingfoot in honour of her speed. Now she's a warrior, she has much more freedom to leave camp and has made full use of it, daring to cross borders she was originally too afraid to, and dreaming of a time when she would one day leave the forest and see the world beyond.

And maybe find her father too.

In-Game History: [All in chronological order!]
Hey everyone! Been a while since I've posted a journal, sorry, but I've still been here, lurking about, working on art that I plan to put up.

But anyway, what I want to talk about right now is that for some time, I've been wanting to join a Digimon group, either an OCT or something similar, but most of the good ones have already started. So, I've been considering making my own.  I'm still working out a plot, but it would have a similar feel to the Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth game, and have a mission-based structure to it, where there would be available missions that would involved either helping digimon with a problem, or stopping a digimon from wreaking havoc.

So what do you guys think? If there is enough interest, I'll go ahead.
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